Are you paying enough attention to what's in your CV?

A recent survey of leading public and private sector organisations found that 87% still had graduate vacancies to fill. Which is really surprising given the number of students looking for work…so why is this? The most commonly cited reason was simple: students did not tailor their CV or application form to the job. Our advice? Find out now how you can avoid making the same mistake later on.

According to a national graduate recruitment website, an employer will spend 3-5 seconds on average looking at your CV - so you need to make sure you stand out (for all the right reasons!) And it will be really obvious if you just send out the same CV for every job.
Whilst there’s no one “correct” way to write a CV - there are certain things you need to think about. How do you tailor it to fit the job? What should you include (and what’s best left unsaid)? And how should you format it? Will you need to provide references etc.?

The Transitions project is running two one-hour workshops* to help students do just that:

Write your own CV (week 2 of semester 1)
Rate your own CV (week 3 of semester 1)

You could then follow this up with a one-to-one CV appointment (available every weekday at the Careers Service).

For more information about these sessions, please contact Sarah and Pete (

*Please note that these are targeted at UK undergraduate students who would consider their background as under-represented in Higher Education. Whilst we can accept registrations from all students, we may need to limit places to those who meet the eligibility criteria.
Careers Service

Careers Service

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