Further study? Or already enough?

Deciding whether or not to continue studying is often on a lot of students’ minds, particularly finalists. It’s a big decision so it’s really important to have information to hand and make sure your choice is based on the right reasons.

Further study can be well worth it; it might be essential to enter your chosen career field, or it may provide you with the skills to help you to go further in your career. On the other hand, you may have everything you need to launch your career already with your undergraduate degree and a range of work experience and transferable skills. The financial side is also a big consideration; arming yourself with up-to-date knowledge about fees and how to fund a course is essential.

So it’s important to think about what you want further study to do for you and what you hope to get from it - and not just see it as a way to extend University!

"My advice to anyone considering postgraduate study would be to consider how this fits in to an overall career plan. Whilst it is good to consider study for study sake how would the course you are considering add value to your skills set and be clear how you would promote postgraduate study to a future employer?" Jane Simm, Careers Adviser, Post Graduate Research.
  • Watch this presentation about further study here.
  • You can find information about finding, applying for and funding postgraduate study, in the Further Study section of our website.
  • For students from less well-off backgrounds, Postgraduate Support Scheme scholarships can make further study an affordable option - find out more at the talk on Tuesday, and on the student finance website
And if you would like to talk in detail with a Careers Adviser, contact transitions@shef.ac.uk or visit the Careers Service. 
Careers Service

Careers Service

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