Not sure what you're doing next? You're not alone!

Not all students know exactly what they want to do when graduation comes round. If you’re not sure what’s coming next- you’re not alone. The summer is a great time to plan your next steps and there’s loads of information and guidance to help you.

For a lot of finalists the focus on exams and finishing coursework doesn't leave much time for thinking about careers and life after university. You may still have big questions. How can you use your degree? What job would you be good at? Should you consider further study? Or it might be something simpler - a choice between two jobs or courses or weighing up the pros and cons of
taking time out travelling. With not much to go on it can be hard to make these decisions.

Get started - If you don't know where to start, or you are at the begining of working out your plan, talking to a Careers Adviser can make things a lot clearer.  An indepth appointment with an Adviser with specialist knowledge about your degree
and associated career areas, could make all the difference and help you work out what to do next. The Careers Service is open throughout the summer, with bookable appointments. Find more information in the Getting Started guide.

Moving forward - If you don't know how to take your ideas forward, you're having difficulty making up your mind about an opportunity, or you don't know how a decision will impact on your prospects, the Careers Service can help you to work these things out with tailored information, advice and guidance.  You can also find out more about a career sector or the specifics of different job roles 

More study? - Further study is another option a lot of graduating students think about.  The Careers Service can help with finding the right course, putting together applications, looking at funding options and evaluating career prospects.  For more information see the blog post: Further study? Or already enough?

Online resources and support - There's a wealth of guidance tools and information on the Careers Service website.  From resources to help you get started and information about different careers, to support with applications, interviews and psychometric testing, as well as an online e-guidance service, the Careers Service can help you even if you're not based in Sheffield. 

"If, like me, you are unsure of what you want to do once you graduate, I would definitely recommend booking an appointment with the Careers Service to talk to an adviser." Emily V (Student Blogger), Town and Regional Planning (read the full blog post here)
You can find more information from the Careers Service for graduates here. Find out what resources and support you can use to get your career, and your future, in motion.

And remember, you can keep using the Careers Service for up to three years after you’ve graduated.*Or until you begin studying at another UK university.

Careers Service

Careers Service

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