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Last week PricewaterhouseCoopers announced that from June 1st 2015 it would no longer look at A Level results to select graduate recruits for some of its roles. By opening up the selection process, more students will have the chance to access a great opportunity for a graduate career with a top accountancy firm. Great news for many students.

Companies sometimes use A Level results as a way to filter applications and select the best candidates; students who didn’t get the top grades at A Level are sometimes not eligible for particular graduate schemes and jobs. 

It can mean that students who have done well at University and who could potentially thrive in a graduate job, aren’t able to apply and miss out on opportunities. Companies who use A Level grades and UCAS tariffs as eligibility criteria don’t then have access to some of the best students.

PwC say they are making the change because “being a progressive and socially inclusive employer” is important and so that they can reach the “broadest range of talented students”.

“There’s strong correlation that exists in the UK between social class and school academic performance. This data suggests that by placing too much emphasis on UCAS scores, employers could miss out on key talent from disadvantaged backgrounds”

“Making this change will enable us to further diversify our student intake through broader access to talented young people.” Accessed 13/5/2015

If you’ve reached University through a different route or didn’t get top A Level results, this kind of innovation is definitely something to know about.

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